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"This is the Yum Yum garden!
Where the animals all play, but today they’re hiding away,
They’ve forgotten how to feed, and it’s your help that they need!"


Very imaginative action

Yum Yum! takes place in a garden where it is simultaneously day and night. The garden has four different scenes, two of which are in twilight and two that play out in daytime. The children are encouraged to feed various animals by showing them where there is food to gather. Furthermore, each scene has extras to discover. At the end, if all the animals have become well fed, they gather around a bonfire in the garden which the child can light. There is the option to have a narrator accompany the story in rhyme. In addition to the main story (feeding animals) there are a number of small sub-plots, such as playing with water, a shower, a light switch, music, fire and more.

Age-appropriate for toddlers
Yum Yum! has beginning and end. The navigation and operation are simple and easily understandable for children. There are various levels for children of different ages, such as the easily mastered task of showing an animal where it can find its food. The child can also go on a journey of exploration or even solve the great task of feeding all the animals and, when they all gather in the final scene, lighting their bonfire. The accompanying story is told in rhyme. There are peaceful and dynamic scenes.